Violence has become as much a part of our society as riding a bike nowadays. Obtaining a means to protect ourselves has pushed itself to the front of our brains. We want a way to have peace of mind for ourselves and our children. We want a way to combat the bullies and violent individuals of this world. more...And herein lies one of the great benefits of the martial arts: you can take your martial prowess with you everywhere!

Competition is also a major component in fighting. Whether we want to be the next UFC champ or just loving watching fights, we love the experience of warriors testing their skills against other warriors. BMA has trained fighters in MMA, BJJ, Kickboxing, Olympic Style Taekwondo and Sport Karate. As we grow our new location we are also looking to grow our fight team on various stages regionally, nationally and even internationally.

Training is one of the most important elements in developing actual fighting ability, whether to protect yourself or to compete. Merely talking about something doesn't help you possess skill in that thing. Consistent dedicated practice is truly the key to achieving any goal you may have in the martial arts. If you make the martial arts a lifestyle, you train when you feel great or terrible, you train when you're busy or free, you train when you're depressed or happy, stressed or relaxed and truly in all your ups and downs we face in life. Embodying this mindset is truly the way of the warrior! Living like this will help you conquer all of life's struggles. less...



Fitness is a hot buzz word nowadays, but what does it really mean to be fit? Coming from the mind of a martial artist, functionality is at the forefront. Who's been exhausted from walking from the back of the parking lot in the mall? Walking up a few flights of stairs? more...Attempting to play with your kids? Lifting a few items to the attic? Even having trouble getting up from a chair??? Wellbeing functionally fit means living life optimally, using your body to its fullest capacity! As a martial artist you learn to use every part of your body as a succinct unit, not as a conflicting mass of unruly dissidents. Training in the martial arts teaches us to learn what our own bodies are capable of, then surpassing those limits onto personal fulfillment!

You can't talk about fitness without talking about the ascetic aspect, basically looking hot! Everyone wants to get in shape to look good, right? Well training in the martial arts will certainly help you lose weight, tone your muscles, correct your posture, make you look better in your clothes, and even look better naked! Martial arts training will give you a sleek, athletic look to your body that can fit into any scenario you could encounter in your life like walking down the beach, going to a formal dinner or just lounging hanging out with friends and family.

Fitness is also about self-perception, the inner confidence you have by just simple being fit. Often how we look to others is determined by how we view ourselves. If you have inner self-confidence you will walk with that extra pep in your step! Living life in that calm under pressure type of confidence is just an attractive feature to have! Fitness through the eyes of a martial artist is simply just good for life! less...



Focus, mental focus is something everyone aspires to possess. When life squeezes our brains with pressure, what is going to happen? A meltdown? A freeze up? Exasperation? Training in the martial arts teaches you to be in the moment, especially the ones that matter the most! more...Sparring/Rolling is especially good for developing this. When someone is trying to kick you, punch you, choke you or lock your arm you must be in that moment in order to survive the onslaught. When you train in a manner to embody each class as if that's all that matters you will be a peace more often in the rest of your life.

Emotional focus is vital when you experience failure, rejection, and loss. If you try and commit to something one of these is bound to happen. On a small scale this happens in most martial arts classes you attend. You try to learn a technique but can't seem to get it that class. It may even take you multiple classes to obtain that skill. So learn to conquer the defeat of the temporary failure, which in turn makes you so much stronger to deal with ever increasing emotional challenges.

Physical focus can come dealing with "good" pain during martial arts training. If you hold your breath during sparring/rolling you will become exhausted unable to defend yourself. So overtime you learn to relax in the midst of combat increasing the functionality of your body. If you do a technique incorrectly and it hurts you, learn from in and do it correctly next time thus increasing skill. This can become a hyper awareness of your own body transferring positively into many aspects of your life.

And lastly spiritual focus can also be obtained by martial arts training and the warrior lifestyle. In life there are unseen forces that battle against us leaving us confused as to what just happened? Often you can feel like "you don't matter", "you're not good enough". Well these voices are of no use to use because we learn in the martial arts that everything we do actually matters. Darkness can attempt to bring us down, under-utilizing our very own potential. But in the martial arts a mindset is forged to always strive further toward perfection, yet never attaining it. less...



Body Martial Arts gets it's name from 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 "Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ." What this means to the martial arts is that instead of spending time arguing which style is superior, more...why not spend time learning as many versatile styles as possible. All styles of martial arts can have value if you look for it. Yes some are very dominant in their realms of expertise, but there shouldn't be an adversarial attitude between them. Boxing develops excellent punching, Taekwondo develops excellent kicks, Gracie Jiu Jitsu develops excellent ground fighting and so on. There is always better unity when you can objectively learn a style for what it is, and what it embodies. Then you can determine how it can best serve you on your personal warrior's journey. The martial arts are much more like paper, rock scissors than a magic pill that cures all your combat problems. If you have a unified body, then economy of motion will take hold, beginning to make everything you do work more efficiently for you! Once you experience the BMA philosophy you may never look back! less...

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Grand Master Dong Kyun Kim

I personally recommend Body Martial Arts school for anyone who wants to learn authentic, effective martial arts skills. Their licensed and certified instructors have the education, stellar character and professionalism that makes for an excellent learning environment for your family.

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